• Sam Wood Jr

It is easy for a tiki theme to feel overdone, but that is not the case with Super Power bar located at 722 Nostrand Ave. Whenever I open their menu pamphlet my first thought is, how long did it take them to design this? Look at the backyard, there is a lot of space back there. What do they do with all these plants? How are they serving 6 different oyster options from the east and west coast? (Massachusetts, Prince Edward Island, Rhode Island and Washington State) $1 oyster happy hour Mon-Fri 5pm-8pm.

The headband wearing Volcano mascot is a neon beacon come nightfall on Nostrand Avenue. The price point for the quality of drinks and snacks in unparalleled in North Brooklyn. On a post-Labor Day weekend, I was able to chat with the proprietor, Keith. The conversation quickly turns into a cheerleading pump up speech regarding how much we love Nostrand Avenue. This is how most of my conversations turn when chatting with proprietors on Nostrand Avenue. When I comprehend how much effort goes into running a commercial space, the resulting experience feels more authentic. I am sitting and enjoying an atmosphere that the owner spent a significant amount of time perfecting. The proprietors running commercial spaces on Nostrand Avenue are the backbone of the community, we cannot take them for granted, and they need our continued support. For the full menu visit superpowerbrooklyn.com

A version of this article appeared in the October 2019 Nostrand Avenue Improvement Association newsletter, 'Places to Drink' article.