• Sam Wood Jr

The temperature finally climbed above 55 degrees. People were spilling in and out onto the corner, and the restaurant was absolutely slammed. The owner was liberally pouring Prosecco to patrons at the bar, sharing in cheers, and jamming along to the music cranking throughout the cafe. I nursed a Tusker beer as the next two hours unfolded into a somewhat chaotic affair. It brought me great joy to observe the Saturday scene organically playing out before me, everyone enjoying and appreciating our surroundings. This small timeframe was a great representation of what Crown Heights' local establishments have to offer. Cafe Rue Dix embodies the neighborhood's vibe and character like no place else. I am grateful to live in a community where establishments like Cafe Rue Dix exist. I woke up Sunday with one thought... I want to experience more of that.

Photo credit: Cafe Rue Dix Instagram

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