• Sam Wood Jr

Are you a real estate broker or agent? Using an insurance broker with experience in real estate will significantly improve your client’s overall experience. I am a licensed New York State Real Estate Broker and licensed New York State Property and Casualty Insurance Broker. The timing and communication between the purchaser, insurance underwriter, and mortgage lender is extremely important during the final stages of a home purchase. The resources I have access to as an independent insurance broker, and the relationship I have with my underwriter will streamline this important step of the home purchasing process. My clients greatly benefit from a simplified and seamless transaction. The insurance required by a home purchase is frequently overlooked by real estate agents. Real estate agents view a property with their client, negotiations occur, inspections are conducted and lender underwriting processes are carried out. But before a purchaser gets closer to the finish line, they need to obtain insurance. Certain lenders will require very specific coverage amounts for the property at hand. Co-ops may require a specific amount of coverage in their proprietary leases as well. The estimated homeowners premium should be taken into consideration when clients first step into a property to view for sale. After all, the condition of the home will impact a client’s insurance premium. Antiquated properties will have significantly higher insurance premiums. Homeowners taking the time to periodically upgrade their property will benefit from credits received from the insurance carrier. Overall condition of the building will be taken into consideration during the insurance underwriting process, including any major capital improvements needed, and approximate age of roof, structure and foundation. If you are a real estate professional assisting a client with the home purchase process, I can align client requirements with viable insurance options by reviewing and providing subsequent policy recommendations. My quote forms are simplified for the following insurance requirements: Home/Dwelling Condo/Co-op (HO-6) Renters Auto and Liability General Business Flood (coastal communities)

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